Setting Up Delivery Promise

Updated 3 weeks ago by Brian Whalley

There are four steps to configuring Delivery Promise for your store. You can follow these steps from Delivery Promise Onboarding.

First, approve the new permissions for the Wonderment app, which gives Wonderment access to your shipping service level data.

If you added Wonderment in July 2023 or later, this permission is already set for you.

Adding the new permission requires the "Manage Apps" permission in Shopify.

Second, review the default settings for your delivery estimates. These defaults will only be used if Wonderment can't calculate a delivery estimate using our model, such as to remote areas where you have no recent deliveries. Delivery estimates are recalculated automatically every day.

Third, add the Delivery Promise block to your checkout. Open the Shopify Theme Editor, navigate to Checkout -> Shipping and add the App Block. More detailed instructions are here.

Finally, enable delivery estimates in Wonderment. Once enabled, customers will see Wonderment-powered delivery estimates in checkout. You can come back and modify the settings at any time for immediate effect.

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