Tracking Page Quick Launch Guide

A step-by-step guide to taking your tracking page live.

1. Install Wonderment.

2. Navigate to the Storefront Tracking tab of the Wonderment Admin.

3. Click Edit Tracking Page in Shopify to navigate to the Shopify Theme Editor.

4. Setup your Wondersection Hub by adding a hero image and editing the text (or removing it).

5. Remove the block Starter Tracking Block by selecting it and finding 'Remove block' at the bottom of the page.

6. Add the Wonderment App Block to Wondersection Hub by clicking 'Add block' and finding it in the app section of the list.

7. If you wish to use Wondersection FAQ, enable it and populate, add, or remove questions.

8. If you wish to use Wondersection Collection, enable it and in the block called 'Featured Collection' select a collection.

9. If you wish to use Rebuy, enable Wondersection Rebuy and add your Rebuy Widget ID.

10. Explore other sections your theme provides by selecting Add section and complete any setup additional sections require.

11. Save your work and navigate back to the Storefront Tracking section of the Wonderment Admin.

12. Click Create Block to open the Tracking Block Editor.

13. Customize your tracking block through the settings provided by each component.

14. Test the appearance of different statuses using the Status Chip and make color adjustments in the Global Styles section of the Editor.

15. If further customizations are required, make them in the CSS Editor pane.

16. Save and publish your tracking block. This will update the appearance of the Wonderment App Block you added earlier. Exit the Tracking Block Editor.

17. Back in the Storefront Tracking section of the Wonderment Admin, verify the tracking page URL is what you desire. Click the URL to access the Tracking Page Settings pane to change the slug if you'd like it to be different. Be sure to save.

18. Click View Live Tracking Page.

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