Shopify Native Tracking Pages Overview

Wonderment knows merchants and their teams are constantly choosing between maximum customization ease of use. Such is the life of unlimited ideas and very little time. We don’t want you to feel like you have to make that choice when it comes to Wonderment powered tracking pages. 

The Shopify native tracking page combines all the flexibility of your Shopify theme editor with the power of Wonderment tracking through our Wonderment App Block. For merchants using themes that enable sections, this means you can use any of them on your tracking page to build experience that perfectly match the rest of your shop. 

If your theme doesn’t leverage sections, we have you covered. Wonderment provides sections known as Wondersections for you to get your page launched. Even if you have a theme with sections, Wondersections are available for you to use.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. On installation, Wonderment creates a tracking page for you. Simply go to the Shopify theme editor through the link provided in your Wonderment Admin or access the tracking template inside the editor if want to go there through the Shopify Admin.

You also have total control over the look and feel of your tracking block. All you have to do is replace the Starter Tracking Block with the Wonder Block app block and customize it in the Tracking Block Editor, hosted in your Wonderment Admin.

Check out the Quick Launch Guide or learn in more detail through our Shopify Native Tracking Page Setup Guide.

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Setup Guide: Shopify Native Tracking Page