Adding the Delivery Promise Block to your Shopify Checkout

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Once you've configured the Delivery Promise settings, there is one final step to showing estimates in your checkout: Adding the Delivery Promise block to the Shipping area of your checkout.

Adding the Delivery Promise block requires the "Online Store" permission in Shopify.

Open the Shopify Theme Editor and click "Customize".

Select "Checkout" from the page menu at the top.

If you're using Shopify's traditional three step checkout, then select "Shipping" from the state selector. If you're using one-page checkout, skip to the next step "Add the App Block".

Add the App Block. Click "Add App Block" from the menu at the bottom-left and add Delivery Promise.

If you use Shop Pay, click on the checkbox on the left to enable showing estimates on the Shop Pay screen.

Click "Save".

That's it! If you've already made ETAs visible, they will immediately begin showing to customers. If you haven't enabled visibility yet, we are calculating ETAs for your customers but not displaying anything. You can visit the Checkout ETAs page to activate visibility on them.

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