Klaviyo "Tracking Page Viewed" Event And Flow Template

Brian Whalley Updated by Brian Whalley

With the Klaviyo OAuth integration, Wonderment will now send Tracking Page view data to your Klaviyo profiles. You can use this data for communicating with customers or notifying yourself of people who may have a problem, because they are frequently checking the status of their package.

Here's a template for a Klaviyo Flow that uses that data to notify the customer, and your CX team that someone has viewed the tracking page more than 10 times in a day. The flow filter "equals 10 in the last 1 days" means this email will only go out once, and not send again if they view the page repeatedly that day.

If you're interested in getting these templated flows in your account, start a chat session with Support and a Wonderment CSM can add it for you. 

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