Replacing the Starter Tracking Block

To enable customizations in the Tracking Block Editor to reflect on the tracking block, the Starter Tracking Block must be replaced with the Wonderment App Block.

Shopify does not allow apps to be automatically added to storefronts by partners. To account for this, Wonderment has build a theme file to replicate the functionality of the app block, without the ability to be customized. This is to ensure you can get up fast, and easily tap in to the design potential of the Wonderment App Block when you’re ready. 


  1. In the Shopify Theme Editor, find the section ‘📦 Wonderment Hub’ and remove the block ‘Starter Tracking Block’ by selecting it and then clicking ‘remove block’ at the bottom of the screen.
  2. In the same section, click ‘add block’ and select the ‘Wonderment’ from the apps section of the list, after the theme files.

Once the app block is added, go to the Tracking Block Editor and make customizations. After publishing your edits, the tracking block on your tracking page will reflect your work.

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