What shipping and delivery events does Wonderment support?

Updated 10 months ago by Jordan Graham

Wonderment supports a variety of events through the fulfillment and shipping cycle.

These events include:

Shipment Created

When a label has been created with a shipping carrier

Label Cancelled

When a label has been cancelled with the shipping carrier

Carrier Picked Up

When an order is first marked In Transit by the carrier.

In Transit

For each in-transit scan the package has.

Out for Delivery

When the carrier confirms the package has been handed off for delivery

Ready for Pickup

When an order has been marked ready for customer pickup by the shipping carrier, such as at a local office or postal facility.

Shipment Delivered

When the delivery scan has occurred for a package

Returned to Sender

When a package has been sent back to the origin facility because it was undeliverable, damaged, or otherwise can't be completed.

Attempted Delivery

f a package couldn't be delivered and was held by the carrier for re-delivery.

Delivery Error

In case of a permanent delivery error, such as a non-existent address, or a package is lost or damaged at the carrier.

Shipment Stalled

When a package hasn't made progress in the carrier network for a certain period of time, and is likely to be delayed.

Each of these events also come with helpful metadata that you can use in automation logic or to personalize the communication with the recipient's information


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