Loop Returns Integration Guide

Updated by Brian Whalley

Wonderment offers a Loop Returns integration to make starting returns or exchanges much easier! This feature allows your customers to start a return or exchange directly from the order tracking page. To use this feature, you must have a paid Wonderment plan and use both our Storefront Tracking Page and Tracking Page Authentication features.

If you need help migrating to a Storefront Tracking Page, Wonderment Customer Success will help you migrate your page for free - Sign up here and our team will reach out to begin the process.

How to Set Up the Loop Returns Storefront Integration

  1. Make sure that Tracking Page Authentication is in use. Check Integrations -> Events. If it's not active yet, follow this quick guide to activate Tracking Page Authentication. Without Tracking Page Authentication, you can add the Loop block to the page, but it will not appear for customers.
  2. Start the integration process: Navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Loop Integration.
  3. Connect Loop: On this page, click the "Connect Loop" button.
  4. Refresh and Modify Storefront: The screen will refresh, and the Loop Returns block will be added to your list of Sections in Shopify. Click on "Modify Storefront" to return to the Storefront Tracking Page Editor.
  5. Edit Page in Theme Editor: Once back in the Storefront Tracking Page Editor, click "Edit Page in Theme Editor" for the Shopify theme you're currently using.
  6. Add the Loop - Wonderment section: Here, you'll add the Loop - Wonderment section to your page. Click "Save" in the top-right of the theme editor.
    Note: The Loop Section will not be visible on the page until after you click Save.
    When you're in the page editor, the Loop block will always be visible for your convenience when editing and styling. On the live page, the "Start A Return" button will only be visible after a successful shipment search.
  7. Customize: You've successfully set up the Loop integration!
    You can further customize the appearance of the "Start A Return" block in Shopify's editor. There are settings available to customize the button text, color, size, and you can add additional CSS rules or classes for further styling.

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