Klaviyo Flow Performance Reporting

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The Klaviyo Flow Performance Report shows Klaviyo-attributed placed order value that is sourced from Wonderment's flows.

The date picker at top lets you select the range to view your data over. You can only select one date range at a time right now.

Which Flows are shown is determined by the flows being tagged "Wonderment" in Klaviyo. Any flow with that tag on it will show on the Flow Performance Reporting page. If you're not seeing flows you expect to see, or see flows that shouldn't be there, check the tags applied to them in Klaviyo and refresh the page.

All data shown on the page is loaded live from Klaviyo. However, reporting values may differ slightly from the Klaviyo Report because Klaviyo's interface and API treat time zones and cohorts slightly differently. This difference is minimized by selecting longer periods of time, these differences will be most common when selecting a short time window of 1-2 days because the time zone shift represents the biggest difference. Wonderment will improve this behavior with future improvements to the Klaviyo API.

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