Fairing Section Setup

The Fairing Section is only available to merchants using Shopify native tracking pages. If you're currently set up on the legacy Wonderment hosted tracking page and wish to migrate, please reach out. Learn more here.

Adding the Fairing Integration is an easy and great way to get more zero party data from your customers and make the most of all the traffic that is sent to your tracking page.

The current version of the Theme Section is v1.02. If you have an older version and would like to update, please reach out to the Wonderment team. If you don't see a version reference in the settings view of the section, you're on v1.01.

The Fairing section is automatically added to your theme on install, but still needs to be enabled.

To enable Fairing, go to your tracking page in the Shopify theme editor and click the eye icon on the Fairing section in the section list.

Next you'll want to add the Fairing publishable API key. This can be found under the account section of your Fairing Admin. It's clearly labeled, but to ensure extra confidence, it's the API key that is fully visible and not kept secret.

Paste this key in the appropriate field found in the section's settings.

Click save and then test it by typing preview into the Wonderment Tracking block. As long as you have a question published in Fairing, you'll be able to see the question where it appears in section order.

From here, use the settings to style it according to your taste. The section should inherit a lot of styles from your theme such as font and button style, but the section CSS editor remains available if something is off.

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