Integrating Iterable with Wonderment

Brian Whalley Updated by Brian Whalley

Wonderment supports using Iterable for transactional messaging through email, SMS, push notifications, or other workflows that an Iterable Journey can trigger.

To connect Wonderment and Iterable, first generate an API Key in Iterable. Navigate to Integrations -> API Keys in Iterable. Name the key something memorable like "Wonderment". When Iterable asks what kind of key to create, specify a Server-Side key.

Copy the API key you just created into Iterable Settings in Wonderment.

Wonderment's shipping events enter Iterable as Custom Events, so you can configure and flow logic or templates as you like. You can review the options for merge tags and Handlebars in Iterable here.

To get access to pre-made email and SMS templates for Wonderment Iterable campaigns, or assistance configuring logic, please get in touch with Wonderment Support.

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