Creating Gorgias Tickets From Shipping Errors

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Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Klaviyo's Notification feature in Flow Actions to create a ticket in Gorgias helpdesk by emailing the helpdesk's email address:

Step 1: Access Klaviyo's Flow Editor

  1. Log in to your Klaviyo account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click on "Flows."
  3. Select the Wonderment flow that you want to create the ticket in Gorgias, like the Delivery Error Flow.

Step 2: Add a Notification Action

  1. In the Flow Editor, locate the point in the flow where you want to trigger the notification action, such as after the customer notification comes out.
  2. Drag in the "Notification" action from the left-hand bar into that position in the flow.

Step 3: Configure the Notification Action

  1. In the Notification Action settings, you'll see several fields to fill out:
    • Name: Give your notification action a descriptive name to easily identify it later.
    • Send To: Enter the email address of your Gorgias helpdesk. This is where the notification will be sent, creating the ticket.
    • Subject: Create a subject line for the email. For example, you can use something like "Delivery Damaged in Transit."
    • Message: Craft the message that will be sent to Gorgias to create a ticket. Be sure to include all the necessary information, such as customer details, the issue description, and any relevant order or customer data. You can use Klaviyo variables to customize the message, as seen below. Keep it clear and concise.
  2. Once you've filled out all the fields, click "Save." If this is the first notification like this you've set up in Klaviyo, you will receive a confirmation email from Klaviyo in your inbox to confirm the correct email address was entered. Click the link in the email that is sent after you click "Save".

Step 4: Test the Notification

  1. It's essential to test your notification action to ensure it's working correctly. You can do this by triggering the flow as if a customer were going through it.
  2. Navigate to the flow's trigger point and click "Test Flow" or use a test profile to initiate the flow.
  3. Check the email inbox of your Gorgias helpdesk to verify that the notification email is received and contains the necessary information to create a support ticket.

Step 5: Monitor and Automate

  1. After confirming that the notification action works as expected, you can monitor your flows to ensure that support tickets are being created in Gorgias when needed.
  2. You can also set up additional conditions or actions within the flow to further automate the process, such as assigning tickets to specific agents or adding tags for categorization.

That's it! You've successfully set up Klaviyo's Notification feature in Flow Actions to create a ticket in your Gorgias helpdesk by emailing the helpdesk's email address. This will help streamline your customer support process and improve communication with your customers.

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