Integrating Wonderment with Postscript

Wonderment's Postscript integration can send shipping updates to your account for use in segments and automations.

Setting up Postscript with Wonderment has just two steps. First, provide Wonderment with your Postscript Private API Key. Then, create an automation using one of your events.

Obtain your Postscript API Key

Navigate to your Postscript account, click on your name in the top-right corner, and choose API.


Then click on Create Security Key Pair


Click the Show link.

Show link

Then copy that Private API key to your clipboard to add to Wonderment’s settings screen.

Private API key

Return to Wonderment Settings and paste the key under the Postscript section, and click Save.

Private API key

At the top of the Events screen, you can pick which events to send to Postscript. All checked events will be available as Triggers in Postscript.

Create An Automation in PostScript

In PostScript, the Triggers for your selected events will immediately populate as an option inside of Postscript. You can create an automation based on each trigger. For example, here’s one message you could send to subscribers with a stalled shipment. You can repeat this process for other events, like deliveries, packages being out for delivery, and more. You can see more examples on our listing on EcommFlows.



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