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Delivery Promise A/B Testing

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To measure the performance of showing the Wonderment Delivery Promise at Checkout, we offer an A/B testing feature. When enabled, ETAs will be shown to 50% of all checkouts that arrive to the "Shipping Method" step.

How the test works

Customers must enter their shipping information to be counted in the A/B test. Only checkouts that get to the Shipping Method step are part of the test.

Example of checkouts that are a part of an A/B Test:

In Test - ETAs Disabled

In Test - ETAs Enabled

Example of a checkout that is not yet part of the A/B test

Not in test

How to Enable

To enable A/B testing, first ensure you have enabled and configured ETAs for your shop. Then visit the A/B Testing page and click the "Start Test" button.

How to Disable

To end a test that is currently running, click the "Stop Test" button. Once you stop the test, 100% of checkouts will see ETAs.

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