Integrating Recart with Wonderment

Brian Whalley Updated by Brian Whalley

Integrating Recart

To integrate Recart with Wonderment for SMS updates, you will need your Recart API Key.

If you don't have one yet, contact Recart Support to obtain your API key.

Once you have your API key, you can save it in Wonderment in Recart integration settings.

Using Recart with Wonderment Data

Once you've activated the Wonderment/Recart integration, you can configure messages from Recart to your customers for the major shipping status events. Wonderment's events are available under the Automated Flows section of Recart.

From here, you can enter any of these messages and configure them like any other Recart SMS to further customize the messaging to your brand.

For linking out to your Wonderment-provided Order Tracking Page, make sure you select "Wonderment Tracking URL" in the URL picker. "Tracking URL" will refer people back to the traditional carrier website link. Please reach out to Recart support for questions about configuration options in the Recart editor.

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