Delivery Promise Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Wonderment Delivery Promise?

Delivery Promise is a suite of features that enable better customer communication pre-purchase. This includes showing delivery estimates to customers pre-purchase and communicating with them before the order ships with updates to the package.

What else is on the roadmap for Delivery Promise?

Wonderment will be building features this fall to expand Delivery Promise, including:

  • PDP Inserts, enabling you to communicate shipping levels and expectations on product pages
  • Support for delivery addresses outside of the US
  • Product-level estimate customization, for example, supporting products that require additional preparation time or that only ship on certain days of the week.
  • Reporting, allowing you to review estimates being shown to customers and their accuracy
  • An ETA Change event for integrations, allowing you to update customers if their shipment will be delivered earlier or later than the estimate shown at chekcout
  • A/B testing for estimates and other shipping-related offers to drive additional margin and measure conversion rates.
  • Store offers, such as offering a partial shipping credit for orders delivered later than the ETA
  • An API and other developer-focused features for custom development

We also want your ideas for this powerful new part of Wonderment. Have ideas? Let us know through Wonderment Support or your CSM.

Can I insert Delivery Promise on my product pages?

Delivery Promise will have support for PDP inserts later in 2023. This will be offered as an integrated Section in Shopify. As a Section, it will enable customizing the appearance and settings of the block.

How are estimates shown by Delivery Promise calculated?

Delivery Promise's ETAs are calculated nightly using your recent historical delivery data with our AI model. The model uses a snapshot of very recent delivery data for its calculations, so it is very responsive to changes in carrier networks or your fulfillment process. You can also define default time ranges for orders where an ETA can't be calculated, such as in remote areas where you do not have frequent deliveries.

How accurate are Delivery Promise estimates?

Because the estimates are based on your recent historical order tracking data, they are highly accurate to customer experience. An upcoming update to Delivery Promise will include an ETA Map, which will help you easily view current ETA estimates based on customer destinations. This update will also include an ETA Accuracy report to review recent deliveries and identify cases where packages are being delivered earlier or later than originally expected.

Can I change the ETAs shown by Delivery Promise?

You can define default times for each service level. In a coming update to Delivery Promise, you can change the ETAs shown based on the products in the cart, the customer's status with your store, their destination, or the days of the week when you ship.

How does Delivery Promise integrate into my messages and tracking page?

Delivery Promise is fully integrated into the rest of Wonderment. ETAs are included in pre-transit integration payloads for email, SMS, and other methods, our webhooks, and your tracking pages. The customer will see the same ETA they saw at checkout in those placements until the carrier provides their own ETA when it's been accepted into their network and they have provided an ETA.

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