The Wonderment / Corso Integration

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The Wonderment / Corso integration enables a block on your tracking page where a customer can start a return, exchange, or shipping claim directly from the Wonderment tracking page.

To activate the Corso block, add your Corso API Key to Corso Integration Settings in Wonderment. If you don't know your API key, you can start a support chat with Corso to retrieve it.

Once saved, the block is activated. You can see the block by checking on an order's tracking page that has purchased protection. The block does not render for orders that are not protected.

You can further style the Corso elements using CSS. CSS classes are available, including:

tp-text-corso-block - Style the text block above the button

tp-corso-logo - Style the Corso logo image

tp-btn-corso-block - Style the "Report A Shipping Issue" button

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