Billing for Delivery Promise

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Delivery Promise Billing

How Billing Works

The billing for usage-based plans of Delivery Promise feature is simple. Each month, we calculate your bill based on how many customers saw an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for their orders. You can check which billing model you are on by visiting Delivery Promise Billing in Wonderment. Here’s a quick guide:

Usage-Based Billing
  1. Checkout Count: We look at the number of checkouts in your store that reach the Shipping step.
  2. ETA Display: At the Shipping step, customers see the ETA provided by Delivery Promise.
  3. Shopify's Data: Shopify tells us the total number of these checkouts.
  4. Monthly Billing: We use this number to calculate your bill for the month. The volume is counted daily but only charged once a month.

Flat monthly plan

Monthly plans pay one flat price no matter how many checkouts you have. If you're interested in pricing for a Monthly plan instead of usage-based, contact Wonderment Support and we'll design a plan based on your needs.

What You Need to Know

  • Only Charged for Shipping Step Checkouts: You are billed only for checkouts where customers see the ETA. There are no charges for views of an ETA on a PDP block or on the API.
  • Automatic Calculation: Shopify automatically provides us with the checkout count that reaches the Shipping step.
  • Monthly Billing Cycle: Your bill reflects the total checkout volume with ETA views in checkout for each month.

If you have questions about your billing or how we calculate it, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!

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