Intro to Tracking Pages

Wonderment powered tracking pages are essential to the complete post-purchase experience. Not only do they provide a hub for tracking information, they’re also a super effective asset for driving high volumes of traffic back to your page. What’s more, they are powerful starting points for purposeful, personalized experiences. 

There are two ways to build your tracking page: 

  • Shopify native: created and managed in your Shopify Theme Editor and powered by the Wonderment App Block.
  • Headless: self hosted in your own environment and designed by you, powered by the Wonderment Shipments API.

On install Wonderment creates a Shopify native tracking page for you. With a little attention to some minor settings, your page can be  up and running in under 3 minutes and is fully customizable. This solution is best for most merchants. 

If your shop is headless or requires bespoke implementation of your own designs, the API is likely the path for you.

Using the links above, click to learn more about each implementation option.

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Tracking Page Quick Launch Guide