Integrating Wonderment with

Wonderment can update each fulfillment in Shopify to mark it out for delivery or delivered.

This makes your shipping and delivery data available for use in other apps that key off of that data, such as, and others.

You can enable these events in Shopify by activating this button in Wonderment Settings. We strongly recommend turning this on, unless you have specific fulfillment workflows or data where you don't want this data inserted.

Once activated, you can then start using this delivery data to power your review timing in There are instructions here on's site. First, create a Notification Webhook in Shopify.

1) Go to Shopify's Settings => Notifications 

2) In Webhooks Section => Create Webhook

3) Create the following event:


 The URL should be in the format: REPLACE_WITH_STORE_URL)/(REPLACE_WITH_API_PUBLIC_KEY)?intervalReviews=3&intervalNPS=7

In this example, Stamped will reschedule the review request email to be sent 3 days after delivery, and if NPS is enabled, the NPS email will be sent 7 days after. This can be tuned by changing the 3 and the 7 in the URL above.

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