Setting up the Sendlane Integration

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Integrating Wonderment with Sendlane takes just a few steps to bring the triggers into the platform:

  1. Open the Sendlane Integration Settings page in Wonderment.
  2. In another tab, open Sendlane, and go to Integrations -> Custom. Create a Custom Integration in Sendlane. Name it Wonderment (or another name of your choosing). Put in for the URL (substituting your store's name for storename). You do not need to add this URL to your DNS settings, the actual URL provided here will not be referenced by the integration. Once saved, click on the Gear icon in Sendlane Custom Settings and copy the Token value. Save it in the Custom Token field in Wonderment's settings screen.
  3. Click on the "WWW" icon in Sendlane Integration Settings. Create the Integration Events you're interested in. A typical list is below that you can copy from. Copy the labels on the left for each event. These names must match the name Wonderment is sending over for the data to appear in Sendlane, so copy and paste them as they appear below.

    Wonderment - Shipment Created

    When a label has been created with a shipping carrier

    Wonderment - Label Cancelled

    When a label has been cancelled with the shipping carrier

    Wonderment - Carrier Picked Up

    When an order is first marked In Transit by the carrier.

    Wonderment - In Transit

    For each in-transit scan the package has.

    Wonderment - Out For Delivery

    When the carrier confirms the package has been handed off for delivery

    Wonderment - Ready for Pickup

    When an order has been marked ready for customer pickup by the shipping carrier, such as at a local office or postal facility.

    Wonderment - Shipment Delivered

    When the delivery scan has occurred for a package

    Wonderment - Returned to Sender

    When a package has been sent back to the origin facility because it was undeliverable, damaged, or otherwise can't be completed.

    Wonderment - Attempted Delivery

    If a package couldn't be delivered and was held by the carrier for re-delivery.

    Wonderment - Delivery Error

    In case of a permanent delivery error, such as a non-existent address, or a package is lost or damaged at the carrier.

    Wonderment - Shipment Stalled

    When a package hasn't made progress in the carrier network for a certain period of time, and is likely to be delayed.

    Wonderment - Survey - Delivery Feedback Response

    Feedback responses from Delivery Surveys.

    Wonderment - Tracking Page View

    Individual pageviews of a tracking page.

    Wonderment - ETA Changed

    When a package's ETA changes beyond the Change Sensitivity for a given shipping service level.

  4. Go to Account -> API in Sendlane, and create a new API Token under the Sendlane API V2 section. Name it Wonderment. Copy the text block they give you for the Access Token, and paste it into the Token block of Wonderment's Sendlane Integration Settings.
  5. Click "Save" in Wonderment Settings. New events will enter your Sendlane integration. You can now configure an automation in Sendlane based on these new events. Basic templates are available to help you get started on template setup. To have these templates copied into your Sendlane account, please contact Wonderment or Sendlane support.

To create a new Automation using your new triggers:

Create your Automation and pick "Start from Scratch"

In the Trigger menu, pick "Custom" and then "Custom Event"

In the Custom Event menu, select "Wonderment" (or the store name you picked in Step 1) and then your event. You should generally pick "No Limit" as the recurrence limit.

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