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Launching Wonderment with Klaviyo

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Launching Wonderment with Klaviyo

Step 1: Wonderment-Exclusive Emails:

The following emails are Wonderment-data driven emails and do not have a corresponding email in Shopify:

  • 05 | Wonderment | Shipping | Stalled Shipment
  • 06 | Wonderment | Shipping | Attempted Delivery
  • 07 | Wonderment | Shipping | Returned to Sender

To set these live, simply locate each of these emails in your Klaviyo instance and set them live:

Step 2: Out for Delivery & Delivered Emails:

In this step, you will turn off the Shopify Out for Delivery and Delivered Emails and immediately turn on the corresponding Klaviyo flows.



Out for Delivery

03 | Wonderment | Shipping | Out for Delivery


04 | Wonderment | Shipping | Delivered

In Shopify, navigate to Settings -> Notifications and scroll down to the "Shipping" Section. Deselect the "Out for Delivery" and "Delivered" Emails. Immediately turn on the corresponding emails in Klaviyo.

Step 3: Shipment Confirmation Emails

This step will vary depending on if you are on Shopify Plus or a different Shopify plan. Select the correct Shopify plan you are on below:

Shopify Plus
Due to the importance of the shipping confirmations email, Shopify does not give you the ability to deactivate these emails directly from your account, instead, they will turn these off for you.

1.) Reach out to Shopify support or your account manager in order to get approval to deactivate the Shipping Confirmation notifications. We recommend chatting into to Shopify Support to get an instantaneous response.

2.) Once Shopify confirms they have turned off the Shipping Confirmation email, in Klaviyo, turn on either 01 | Wonderment | Shipping | Shipment Created or 02 | Wonderment | Shipping | Shipment Picked Up emails.*

*if the time between your shipment fulfillment and shipment confirmed events are more than one day, you may choose to turn both of these emails on. Please reach out to Wonderment help if you have any questions about which email(s) to turn on for your specific use case via
All other Shopify plans
Unfortunately, Only Shopify Plus merchants have the ability to turn off these emails in Shopify. You can update the Shipping Confirmation email with the Wonderment Tracking page link by following these instructions (with video!) here.

Please reach out to Wonderment help if you have any questions about updating your Shipment Confirmation Emails by emailing


Your branded Wonderment tracking page is now live and available to your customers.

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