Starting Templates for PostScript SMS

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Transactional SMS is a retention marketing growth lever! 🚀

With 90-99% open rates and 50-75% click-through rates on average, transactional SMS is quickly becoming one of the biggest areas of opportunity in the post purchase journey.

Maximizing on this demand for transactional SMS by using automated SMS flows (which are responsible for nearly 70% of monthly SMS sales) will set you up with a powerful channel. 

Here is our recommended Wonderment Triggers and sample copy to leverage with PostScript:

Wonderment Trigger

Sample Copy

Wonderment // Shipment Created

Your order {order_number} is about to head on its way to you! More info: {storefront_tracking_url}

Wonderment // Carrier Picked Up

Your order {order_number} is in transit with {carrier_name}! More info: {storefront_tracking_url}

Wonderment // Out for Delivery

Your order {order_number} is out for delivery today with {carrier_name}! More info: {storefront_tracking_url}

Wonderment // Delivered

Your order {order_number} was just delivered by {carrier_name}! More info: {storefront_tracking_url}

Wonderment // Shipment Stalled

Your order hasn't been updated by {carrier_name} recently. We're keeping an eye on it for you. More info: {storefront_tracking_url}

Wonderment // Returned to Sender

Your order {order_number} wasn't able to be delivered and is being returned to our warehouse. We'll be in touch soon about next steps.

Wonderment // Delivery Error

Your order {order_number} wasn't able to be delivered due to a carrier problem. We'll be in touch soon about next steps.

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