Linking to your tracking page from email, SMS, or other systems

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In each event we send to another system, the path to that package's tracking page is included. You can use this reference in communications sent by Klaviyo, Shopify, or other integrated platforms.

Shopify notifications

Read our documentation on updating Shopify Transactional messages here.

Klaviyo templates (more info)

The specific tracking link for each fulfillment is passed through in all Klaviyo events from Wonderment.

If you send your Shipping Confirmation, Delivery, or other messages out of Klaviyo, you can reference the Tracking Page link from any event-driven flow by using

{{ event.WondermentTrackingURL }}

which refers to an individual shipment, or

{{ event.WondermentOrderTrackingURL }}

which refers to the entire order (helpful for multi-shipment orders).



Here's what it looks like in the email editor

If you are using the App Block version, your link will be different. Use {{ event.OrderNumber|slugify }} instead
Postscript templates (more info)

The tracking link for each fulfillment is passed through in all Postscript events from Wonderment. You can use the variable {wonderment_tracking_url} to insert the link to the package's tracking page in a message.

Webhooks and Wonderment Tracking Page

The Wonderment Tracking URL is also exposed in our Webhook data as wondermentTrackingURL. You can use this as a reference in workflows powered by Zapier, Drip, or other platforms that you connect via webhook.

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