Quick Start Guide

Updated 3 weeks ago by Austin Hutchison

Wonderment enables so many new touch points for your brand during the post-purchase process. Luckily, you can get started with just a few steps.

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1. Install the Wonderment app

Create your Wonderment account here.

You'll need to upgrade to a premium plan to take advantage of our tracking page features.

2. Create a tracking page

Customize your branded tracking page inside the Wonderment app. Learn more about setting up your tracking page.

Get Inspired! See our tracking page swipe file

3. Update Shopify transactional emails

Once you've created your tracking page, it's time to stop sending customers to the carrier websites, and start sending them to your branded page! To do this, simply make a few changes to your existing transactional emails. We have detailed instructions here: more details

4. Configure third party transactional messages

Set up new wonderment enabled emails (like stalled shipment and more) in Klaviyo and other third party email and SMS messaging systems.

Keep going with:

Get Inspired! See our transactional email swipe file

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