Wonderment Integrations

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Make the most of your Wonderment data by leveraging Wonderment integrations. 

Transactional Communications: 

  • Email & SMS- Send timely, branded shipping notifications to your customers so you can keep your customers informed on where their order is. Delight your customers with positive shipping updates while being transparent about issues that may arise. 


  • Send your Wonderment shipping data to your helpdesk so your CS team can troubleshoot shipping inquiries much more effectively. You’ll be able to access shipping data in your helpdesk platform so you can respond to tickets much faster. You’ll also be able to locate shipments in Wonderment that have a support ticket associated with them, while also being able to preview the support ticket right inside Wonderment. 

Post-Purchase Surveys: 

  • Take advantage of the opportunity your tracking page presents! This highly trafficked page is the perfect way to collect more data on your customers so you can further personalize their experience. Set up post-purchase surveys on the tracking page to capture additional data points (How did you hear about us? Are you buying this for yourself or as a gift? How was your experience with us?)



  • Make personalized product recommendations on your tracking page vs. showing a static product block 


  • Initiate a return directly from the tracking page making it much easier for your customers to start a return or exchange 


  • Allow your subscribers to view your branded tracking page vs. the carriers’ tracking page in your subscriber portal 


  • Create a unified customer experience with Status. Every tracked order becomes a signed-in shopper and orders can be effortlessly tracked from within the customer account (reducing friction as customer do not have to log in to track their orders).

AB Testing:

  • AB testing for Shopify. With Shoplift, you can test Wonderment Delivery Promise on your PDP and at checkout.
    • Shoplift

Internal Communications: 

  • Set up instant updates for your team regarding important delivery delays and issues so you can troubleshoot as soon as you get the alert. 

eCommerce Platforms: 

  • Shopify & Shopify Plus 


To recap:



Use Case


Klaviyo, Iterable, Sendlane, Yotpo

Send proactive shipping updates


Klaviyo, Attentive, Sendlane, PostScript, Recart, SMS Bump

Send proactive shipping updates

Help Desk

Gorgias, ZenDesk

Respond to shipping support inquiries quicker & easier

Post-Purchase Survey

Fairing, KnoCommerce (coming soon)

Collect additional data on your customers via your tracking page


Judge.Me, Junip, Okendo, Stamped, Yotpo

Properly time review requests



Personalize product recommendations on your tracking page



Make initiating returns/exchanges easier via your tracking page


Stay AI

Allow your subscribers to view your branded tracking page in their portal

Internal Communications


Klaviyo notifications

Set instant alerts on shipping issues so your team can troubleshoot faster

eCommerce Platforms

Shopify, Shopify Plus

Access your fulfillment data in Wonderment



Send tracking data to other tools

AB Testing


AB test anything on your site. Test Delivery Promise PDP's and at checkout.

Customer Accounts


Every tracked order becomes a signed-in shopper and orders can be effortlessly tracked from within the customer account

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