Wondersection Hub

Updated 1 month ago by Jordan Graham

The Wondersection Hub is the main section on your tracking page. Here, you can set your hero image so that your tracking block can be beautifully overlaid on top of it. Additionally, should you want some text, you can add header and body text blocks. 

By default, it also contains the Starter Tracking Block. This is to help you get started quickly but if you’d like to unlock customizations through the Tracking Block Editor, you must remove this block and replace it with the Wonderment App Block.

This section, like any section, is optional. If you’d like a banner instead of a hero, you’re free to select the banner section contained in your theme (if your theme has one). If you do this, remember to add the Wonderment App Block, but this time do so as a section. This is achieved by hitting the ‘add section’ button and selecting the app block from the list. Then just drag it into position.

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